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Conservation Technician

Mitchell Zimmerman

Mitchell is a student at Stanford pursuing a B.S. and an M.S. in Earth Systems, with graduation dates in ‘23 and ‘24, respectively. One of their focuses within conservation is wildlife and conservation photography. After becoming obsessed with Seek and iNaturalist last year, they have since dedicated most of their free time to learning the fundamentals of photography and going on trips to wildlife refuges and nature preserves to get pictures of cool birds and herps. They hope to be a part of big ecological monitoring projects and research at a big refuge like the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge or Elkhorn Slough, while continuing to photograph the beautiful and intriguing creatures that got them into conservation biology in the first place– incorporating them into their research and/or donating them to conservation non-profit organizations. When they aren’t being paid to look for birds, they are probably still looking for birds for free on their own time; but otherwise they love singing indie and experimental rock songs as a part of the acapella group, The Harmonics.