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Education & Outreach

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The Stanford Conservation Program supports multiple educational programs, including the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve Docent ProgramStanford Bioblitz, the California Naturalists Program, and Biocore Explorations, as well as Stanford classes like Conservation Biology and Current Topics in Ecology and Population Biology. One of the Conservation Program's goals is to serve the educational needs of community members and students through direct interaction with the campus's natural areas and organisms.

If you are a course instructor interested in outdoor learning opportunities on Stanford lands outside of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, please feel free to contact either Alan Launer or Esther Cole Adelsheim. We are happy to share information regarding species and ecological communities, as well as walk you though the process of gaining access to university lands.  In addition to any federal, state, or university permits and requirements, academic use of Lagunita or the foothills requires submitting a use form to Maria Cacho, Senior Environmental Planner.

If you are interested in holding a course at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, please contact their main office.