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Peer-reviewed Publications

Our research focused on topics directly relevant to the management of species and ecosystems on Stanford lands. Conservation Program researchers collaborate with Stanford faculty and external researchers. When research outcomes are of general relevance, they are published in peer review journals. See list of selected publications below.

Alcala N, Launer AE, Westphal MF, Seymour R, Cole EM, and Rosenberg NA, 2019. Use of stochastic patch occupancy models in the California red-legged frog for Bayesian inference regarding past events and future persistence Conservation Biology 33: 685-696

Grof-Tisza P, Steel Z, Cole EM, Holyoak M, Karban R, 2017. Testing predictions of movement behaviour in a hilltopping moth. Animal Behaviour 133: 161-168

Cole EM, Hartman R, North MP, 2016. Hydroperiod and Cattle Use Associated with Lower Recruitment in an r-Selected Amphibian with a Declining Population Trend in the Klamath Mountains, California. Journal of Herpetology 

Meek MH, Wells C, Tomalty KM, Ashander J, Cole EM, Gille DA, Putman BJ, Rose JP, Savoca MS, Yamane L, Hull JM, Rogers DL, Rosenblum EB, Shogren JF, Swaisgood RR, and May B, 2015. Fear of failure in conservation: The problem and potential solutions to aid conservation of extremely small populations. Biological Conservation 184: 209-217

Cole EM, North MP, 2014. Environmental Influences on Amphibian Assemblages Across Subalpine Wet Meadows in the Klamath Mountains, California.Herpetologica 70: 135-148

Cole EM, Bustamante M, 2014. Spatial and temporal variation in population dynamics of Andean frogs: Effects of forest disturbance and evidence for declines. Global Ecology and Conservation 1: 60-70

Piovia-Scott J, Pope K, Lawler SP, Cole EM, and Foley JE, 2011. Factors related to the distribution and prevalence of the fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Rana cascadae and other amphibians in the Klamath Mountains. Biological Conservation 144: 2913-2921

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