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Conservation Technicians

Conservation Technicians

David Tattoni
David Tattoni

David is a junior at Stanford studying Earth Systems with a concentration in the Biosphere. He is excited to help protect the endangered and threatened wildlife that call Stanford home. He has previously worked on endangered species conservation projects, including those of the piping plover on the Atlantic Coast. In his free time he enjoys backpacking, running, birding, climbing, and anything else outside.

Julia Lee
Julia Lee

Julia is from the western slope of the Rocky Mountains in Marble, Colorado, and will graduate from Stanford in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science from the Earth Systems department. She is excited for future study and work in conservation, forest ecology, and resource management. When she's not hiking or learning new plant names, she enjoys poetry and dancing.

Illianna Termuehlen
Julia Lee

Illianna graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor's in Environmental Studies. She has previously worked with terns off the coast of Maine, monitored wild horses in Northern California, and surveyed bird use of restored salt ponds in the South Bay including the threatened Western Snowy Plover.

Xavier Gomez
Xavier Gomez

Xavier is a freshman at Stanford studying Environmental Sciences and a graduation date in 2023. He has previously worked with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, conducting limnology tests, steelhead PIT tagging, and population surveys. Having a demonstrated interest in conservation biology, he is excited to contribute to the efforts of the Conservation Program and work alongside our native wildlife. In his free time, he likes to hike at local Bay Area spots and write short stories.

Judith Santano
Judith Santano

Judith graduated from Stanford in 2019 with a BS in Earth Systems. Over the last few years she has done a variety of field work including sunrise observations of hummingbirds at Jasper Ridge and diving in the waters of French Polynesia. She is excited to continue doing field work and learning about ecology!

Sierra Garcia
Sierra Garcia

Sierra is a Stanford Earth Systems '18 alumna from Monterey, California, a home region that inspired a deep and enduring love of the ocean and natural world. Currently, she is a master's student in the Earth Systems program studying scientific and environmental communication. She has been in charge of communication tasks such as maintaining the website, creating and distributing newsletters, writing features and news briefs about the program's work, and organizing and publicizing volunteer work events.

Karly Chin

Karly is currently a senior in Human Biology, and a coterminal grad student in the Earth Systems MA program. She is passionate about the natural world, and finding ways to connect it to people. She has previously worked as a field technician in Saguaro National Park, conducted research on disease ecology at Hopkins Marine Station, and worked in environmental communication at the Woods Institute for the Environment. In her free time, Karly can be found painting, backpacking, and skiing.

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